Effects with monad transformer transformers

Hi! This is a technical introduction to trans-fx, an effect framework library for Haskell. To say anything interesting I’ll have to make a few assumptions about you, dear reader, and I think it’s best to be up front about these. This document will make the most sense to you if:

  1. You have some experience writing in a functional programming language, and a language with Hindley-Milner style type inference, and found these ideas to be to your liking.
  2. You appreciate the use of monads to control side-effects and the use of monad transformers as a strategy for building complex monads from simpler ones.
  3. You are invested in testing as a tool for building software that is responsive to changing requirements and resistant to decay.
module Control.FX.Demo (
    module Control.FX.Demo.BasicEffects
  , module Control.FX.Demo.DoingIO
) where

import Control.FX.Demo.BasicEffects
import Control.FX.Demo.DoingIO